Helpful Links & Resources

Sites that offer more information about issues and history found in: In the Shadow of Blackbirds

Historical spirit photograph collections:
The American Museum of Photography
Science & Society Picture Library
The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult

The Spanish influenza:
The Great Pandemic
The American Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919
American Experience - Influenza 1918 
Photo: San Diego High School students wearing flu masks in 1918 
Influenza 1918 - Documentary
In 1918 Pandemic, Another Possible Killer: Aspirin
The Spanish Flu (AP Teacher's Guide)

World War I resources:
The Espionage Act
PBS - The Great War
World War I Letters
UK National Archives - First World War 
Operation War Diaries
BBC - History: World War One
Library of Congress - Shadows of War, German Immigrants
War Hysteria & the Persecution of German-Americans
World War I Memorial Foundation
Nursing and Medicine during WWI

Resources for teens interested in science, technology, and photography:
Brainy Girls 
Young Photographers Alliance 
Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
USA Science & Engineering Festival
National Geographic Education
Expanding Your Horizons Network
NASA for Students